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  • Narwhale Swing
  • Narwhale Swing

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What Shapes to Expect in the Box:

(gray print image)

Narwhale Swing

Latin name: Monodon monoceros
German name: Narwal
French name: Narval
Norwegian name: Narwal

Basically, if you didn't know it already, it's what happens with a whale and a unicorn do the nasty and you wake up from your dream and are in another dream where you're hanging from the horn of this Narwhale but are actually a piece of vinyl looking back out at your former self as a human.


NOTE: No Longer Accepting Orders!

What Exactly Do I Get?

- A Narwhale, clouds, and a swinging human
- The design comes in the color combination you select
- Available sizes with install dimensions (HxW):

  • Small - 2 ft. x 2.75 ft.
  • Medium - 2.75 ft. x 4.5 ft.
  • Large - 3.5 ft. x 5.5 ft.
  • Color Options (swatches approximate)

    Metallic~ Sword
    Cheeky Pink
    Powder Blue
    Putty Grey
    Coal Smudge
    Deep Purple
    Lavender Moon

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