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Make your space look great with high quality, easy-to-apply, removable art decal stickers. Tacky Smack is an affordable, fun way to personalize and transform rooms with unique designs.

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Removable and Super Easy.

Watch our how-to help video video, check out helpful instruction photos photos and get detailed install instructions to make putting up your Tacky Smack a breeze. Get Help.

Holiday Collection, Just In Time!! The leaves are falling, the crisp days are here, pumpkins have rotted, and the festive season is nearly upon us! Well, that depends on who you ask. Not everyone gets all festive and celebrates the way we...
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Smack our vinyl wall art up and bring out the tacky! Put our removable wall stickers on any surface. Perfect for rentals and apartments, home, the office or your fancy pants yacht. Put it on your laptop, put it on a window, put it on your face... do some DIY design. Commitment-phobic? When you feel like changing, just peel it off and smack up another. Tacky Smack products are removable stickers without any messy adhesive.

People call them wall tattoos, wall decals, vinyl surface art, window clings and window stickers, but call them what you will... Tacky Smack is much cooler than posters... our oversized graphics are more decorative than canvas... and they are certainly cheaper and easier than paint. It's home decor in a new direction.

Tacky Smack is made with real high-quality colored vinyl and is not a printed sticker that may bubble and come off your walls.